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  1. it’s been a blessing to have Nicole move to Hubbard and make a variety of classes including scent work, available in a beautiful, peaceful setting. Nicole clearly loves to teach! she is also an experienced AKC judge and a longtime competitor with tremendous accomplishments in many dog sports. Cleese always looks forward to and is challenged in class with Nicole!

  2. I agree with you, Obi has come so far and scent work has really workedfor him, I have watches him Build confidence and focus. It is the perfect mind game for

  3. Love seeing
    How far Abby has come from her introduction to Scent Work class. She really know how to have fun

  4. So excited to see how far you and
    Vinny have come with your tricks. on to the skateboard next!!

  5. So glad you are enjoying class Claudia
    Your dedication
    To Tommy really shows. He is doing such a great job.

  6. I started Tommy in the Family Dog class to teach him the basics and to work in an environment that was outside our home. I have been very pleased with the way that Nicole has structured the classes and how organized she is. She is very prompt in responding to questions and she sends out a weekly schedule so that we know exactly what is going on. Her facility is clean and well maintained. I am very happy she is only 40 minutes away from me. It is hard finding training opportunities out where I live. As Tommy matures, I am looking forward to taking other classes with Nicole.

  7. I have loved doing trick dog with Vinny. He learns fast, in part, because Nicole is such a good dog trainer. We have come a long way in a short time, and it’s been really fun.

  8. I’ve been working with Nicole since December 2023, pursuing nosework with my young labrador. She is so patient with all her students, she challenges us when required but works so hard to not overwhelm or overwork the dogs.

    Class sizes are small with lots of individual attention, her facilities are always neat and tidy and her teaching style seems to work well for everyone plus she loves answering all our questions!

    I am very happy with the classes at PetsLove2Play, and will continue taking them as often as I can.

  9. Nicole is a fabulous instructor who I’ve taken scentwork classes with for months now, and I look forward to my classes every week! She makes every lesson very fun and engaging — and while scentwork is something you can practice on your own, her tips and tricks for getting faster and performing better at trials is highly valuable. Scentwork has quickly become my miniature schnauzer and I’s favorite sport!

  10. Thank You for your kind words Alison. It has been great fun working with you and little Shecky!!

  11. Shecky and I were so lucky to find Nicole for scent work. We were wanting to learn buried. She made time for us to have private lessons. Love her method of teaching. I highly recommend Nicole for private lessons and group lessons. It is interesting to watch how others train with their dogs. A+ facility!

  12. Having Nicole in my neighborhood is a blessing! Her facility is clean, classes are small, fun and not intimidating. Nicole’s methods work and my pup loves her classes and has made lots of progress. I plan to continue taking classes with Nicole and highly recommend her !

  13. Tinker is my 2 year old Golden Doodle. She knows the basics but I lacked overall control of her when in public. Tinker would pull and get over excited with new surrounding.

    Knowing I needed help, I registered for Pets Love 2 Play “Family Dog” series.

    With Nicole’s guidance through our classes Tinker is calmer and more alert to commands both at home and in public.
    We just completed the “Family Dog” class and I am so happy with our results. Nicole Thank you!

  14. Mila and Nicole bonded instantly. My Weimaeraner pup of four months was sitting and following and a perfect lady for Nicole. Thanks to Nicole, Mila has really blossomed into a well trained dog. Even scent work later on!

  15. Panda learned so much about Nosework from Nicole. We are so sorry she moved to Oregon. In NW1 Panda was second over 45 dogs!!! Thanks to Nicole.

  16. Nicole and Shane, I’m so excited to hear about Pets Love to Play! You’re providing an opportunity for the dogs in your community to work with such an amazing trainer, and doing something you’re so passionate about! I wish you much success, and can’t wait to spend time at Shanick Acres!

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