Opening Pets Love 2 Play has been a combination of my love for training, teaching, and working with all breeds of dogs. I have run several canine businesses through the years, starting long ago with simple dog walking and pet sitting. As time has gone by, I have been asked to share my experiences and training secrets with friends and fellow competitors

…and PETS LOVE 2 PLAY was born.

Today, I compete with my dogs in many activities, including Scent Work, Nose Work, Agility, FCATS, Trick Dog, and Conformation.   My pups are titled in Rally, Obedience, FCATS, RACEing, Farm Dog, Trick Dog, Parkour, Temperament Tested, Coach Dog, and the FIT dog program. I am involved with the  American Kennel Club, National Association of Canine Scent Work,  International Dog Parkour Assn. And United Kennel Club. When not competing, I have fun with my pups, hiking, playing ball, and spending quality time with them. Since moving to Oregon, my most recent interest has been working to train my Dalmatians for truffle hunting.  We are also training to identify the Spotted Lantern Fly.

Because I am passionate about others finding the joy I have found working with dogs, I love to be involved in many sports. I judge AKC Scent Work, am a Canine Good Citizen (CGCA/CGCU), and am a STAR Puppy Evaluator. I also judge all levels of Trick Dog, Temperament Testing, Farm Dog, and, most recently, the new AKC FETCH title.